Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: February Snow

We randomly got snow one February night/morning. Since we have had such a mild winter, Mason and I made the most of it and played in the snow. Poor fella doesn't even have a snowsuit but no worries, the inch of snow didn't call for one. :)

Our attempt at making a snow angel..

Less than two hours later, all the snow melted and the sun was shining. The next day it was 62 degrees. Welcome to the South!


Holly said...

That sounds like our winter here in MD too! It's been horrible, I love the 70 degree days but I also love a good snow up here in the north! :) Looks like Mason had fun!

elizabeth said...

I would kill for some snow!
Looks like Mason had fun! :-)

Jen Watts said...

so cute! looks like he enjoyed it!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Mason is TOO cute!