Friday, January 13, 2012

Girl Nursery Inspiration & HELP....

First, can I just ask you how I ever planned a wedding much less a nursery without the help of Pinterest?

Let’s start with the basics: 

Crib:  We have purchased a new crib for our girl as I have always dreamed of having white furniture for a baby girl’s room. Also, I am pretty sure Mason will be in his crib until he is at least 3 years old considering he is one active sleeper.
This is the crib we purchased: DaVinci Jenny Lind
Dresser: We are going to look at consignment and antique shops for a dresser that Brian can refinish and paint white. Ideally, I would love to find a French Provincial Dresser but we will see. Said dresser will also serve as a changing table. Example of one:


Glider: Still debating this one but this is the one that I like the best. I have gotten some great reviews on it as well.

Now comes the hard part and the part that I need your help on… FABRICS!!!

I am not a pink kind of gal. Yes, I realize our daughter will wear pink and that is fine. But when it comes to decorating a whole room in pink… I just can’t do it! We have decided to paint the walls a light/medium grey color (yet to be chosen). With that in mind, we chose a grey/lavender/yellow color scheme.

I have found two sites on ETSY that do custom bedding and since we won’t be needing a bumper (again, nothing against those that use them but this paranoid mama fears them!), it makes the most sense to order custom. Also, since I won’t be getting a bumper, I will use that money towards curtains.

So help me out readers.. which fabric should I use for 1- curtains, 2- crib skirt and 3- crib sheet? Oh I should mention, I'm not big on the animal prints for a girl nursery. 

Site One offers these options in fabric:

Site 2 offers these options on fabric

I could always get the skirt from one site and the sheet from another. Or get the curtains for one and bedding from another. The options are endless! 

There are also these fabric options that I LOVE as well...

Can you see why I need your help? So which one do you like from site 1 or site 2. Remember, I might need to use 3 different fabrics so let me know your "letter" choice.  Way too many options for this indecisive momma!!! Help me out and let me know what you like best. I would forever be grateful!


Angie said...

oh my goodness I am in LOVE with that color scheme. In.LOVE.

I am obsessed with Chevron lately, so I love those prints. And the 2nd site's damask print with the lavender (is that the right color?), yellow and grey is just beautiful as well. I love them all! I am sure that was no help, ha!

Good luck, it will sure turn out beautiful regardless!!!

Sarah said...

Love the color scheme! My friend did something very similar and didn't do any animal prints.And it looks so classy! All of your choices are beautiful you couldn't go wrong with whatever you choose!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Mateya said...

I love fabric K on site 2! LOVE it! I would definitely use that in some way. Also, Chevron has been very popular lately!

Becky said...

I think we are twins! I hate all the bedding I have seen so I have been looking online at sites that do custom fabric too. We are going with the gray theme as well...the other colors will depend on the gender.
I read reviews on gliders and we looked at a manufactor named Best Home Furnishings. Great chair you can use in the living room later and you get to pick out whatever fabric you want! It rocks/glides and swivels.
You are going to have an awesome nursery! Can't wait to hear the name.

Jen Watts said...

I love everything on site 2... I also think it has more of a French vibe whereas the first is a bit more contemporary. Don't get me wrong.. I definitely am in favor of mixing styles I just think if your dresser turns out the way I imagine the fabrics on site 2 will really set it off!

Anonymous said...

I love fabrics and these are beautiful! I vote 1-N or 2-K (they are the same, aren't they?) for the curtains, 1-G or 2-B for the crib skirt, 2-L for the sheet, and 1-C for an accent somewhere (like a pillow? or a lampshade?). And, no, I don't know you... I found your blog via a friend's, but best wishes with your sweet baby girl.

Megan said...

On the first site I love B, C and G together... I have seen some really cute things done with the owls! I also like the second site K a lot with the purple, Grey and Yellow. I absolutely love yellow and gray together!

lnipaver said...

I love the yellow and I love the polkadots:)

lnipaver said...

i love the yellow and I love the polkadots:)

Holly said...

SO cute! I LOVE A and N from the first color chart. I don't know that I could pick three though, so I figured I would at least give you my thoughts on those two.

I was so NOT a "pink-wanting-momma" and with having triplet girls, that was hard to tell people but I just demanded purple! And pink grew on me, because I didn't have a PINK room. So I totally get what you're saying!

I'm sure whatever you do will look amazing! I love your taste around your house!

Blue, Heather, Campbell and Piper Bryan said...

I love them all! Since they all really look good together as a theme I would still find a way to incorporate some of the fabrics you don't use as the curtains or bedding in the room. Like maybe put some in frames above the crib and use those to put each letter of his name in. Does that make sense? Place each letter on top of the fabric and then place it in the frame? I love rooms that incorporate different patterns with similar colors. You could also always make a throw pillow for the chair with a pattern. Or even cover a lamp shade? We also have one of those ribbon things hanging on our little girls doors that we attach all of their bows to, you could incorporate some color there as well. Well, I am totally rambling so I'll stop now, ha, sorry. I just love talking about decorating stuff! :)

Blue, Heather, Campbell and Piper Bryan said...

BTW - when I said "his" in my last post I meant "her". Sorry :/ Can I still claim pregnancy brain even though I'm 6 mo. postpartum?

Sarah said...

I have a lavender and gray nursery for the very same fact...I couldn't do all pink!

I am also secretly very mad everytime I log into pinterest that it didn't exist when I was getting married!!!

Nicole said...

I have been way out of the blogging loop, so I'm just now catching up...but CONGRATULATIONS on baby #2!!! :)
We just ordered that same crib for our second little guy, because I definitely don't want to mess up a good thing with Mills' sleep, and it was such a great deal for a pretty, classic white crib!
Love all of the fabric options - can't wait to see what you decide on! :)

Erica said...

I love these fabrics and am in the process of planning a nursery for my own little girl. Could you please let us know what fabrics you choose and what shop you used? Pics too? :)

Erica said...

I love those fabric options! I am planning a nursery for my own little girl and would love to see what you chose. Could you please update us on what choices you made and what shop you bought from? It would be really helpful to read a review. Thanks!