Friday, November 4, 2011

Dixie Classic Fair

Back in the beginning of October, we took Mason to the Dixie Classic Fair at the LJVM Fairgrounds. The fair comes every year at the beginning of October and we hadn't been in over 3 years so we thought this year was the perfect year to go! Now, I am not a fan of rides. At all. I hate them. Always have. I have a weak stomach and it just doesn't bode well for me on rides. Brian, on the other hand, loves rides. Unfortunately this year Mason was a little too small for the rides so we just went for the food and exhibits.

We spent a good amount of time looking at the old tractors and watching the woodworking. Both Brian and Mason seemed to really enjoy this. We also checked out the animals and the local produce contest.

Mason managed to stay in his stroller the entire time.. which is a big deal. The kid loves to run around and usually doesn't care for the stroller unless we are out on walks. I think there was just so much for him to look at that he didn't mind being confined to the stroller.

We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back next year when Mason is old enough and tall enough to ride some rides with Brian. I'll just stand by and take pictures.

Do you enjoy going to the fair? Are you a rides person or do you just go for the food? I will say the fair is a great place to go for people watching!


Jennifer Goodale said...

We need to take the kids together next year. You and Jason can take them on the small rides and B and I can go on the fun, crazy ones! I love rides!!

leah said...

so fun!! We love fairs!

Laura said...

I LOVE people watching at the fair...the food isn't so bad either! Fried oreos and funnel cakes.Yum!

Virginia said...

Jealous...I adore the fair, but it has been forever since I've been. Of course, I love all the fried yumminess, but I really go for the rides. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to get motion sickness especially on those twirly rides, so anyone who choses to ride with me must do so at their own risk;)