Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday Celebration #1: Family Style

Since Mason's birthday fell on a Wednesday, we decided to do a small family celebration that evening and then have his big party the following Saturday. My grandparents hadn't seen our new house so this was a perfect opportunity to have them out for dinner and a tour of the house. Jennifer and Reagan also came into town early and joined us along with my parents.

Birthday Boy first thing in the morning

After we ran our 5k, we played outside and played with our sidewalk chalk when Jennifer and Reagan arrived.

Once everyone arrived that evening, we feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and chips. It was a yummy spread!

Then it was time for the CAKE!!! We decided it would be best to strip Mason down and boy am I glad!


Little buddy loved him some cake. Seriously. Didn't waste a second to dig his whole arm into the cake. It was hilarious. After getting him cleaned up, he opened a gift from Reagan, who happened to really enjoy sitting on Brian's lap.

And that concludes Mason's birthday party #1. Stay tuned for all the details about his real Sesame Street inspired birthday party.


Laura said...

I've been waiting on party pictures! :)

KM said...

I LOVE all the cake pics! Happy Birthday Mason!


leah said...

So fun! I still can't believe Mason's already 1!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw very sweet! I love that y'all had a little family party for him too!