Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 On Tuesday: Cancelled Shows

2 on Tuesday

Today I am linking up with My Chihuahua Bites Blog for her 2 on Tuesday series.

Today's topic: What two television shows that have gone off the air do you miss?

1. Lipstick Jungle.. BEST SHOW EVER!! I miss this show so much. Wendy, Nico and Victory were an amazing set of ladies. I thought the story lines were spot on and relate-able and the characters were strong.  Why it didn't survive after just 2 seasons is beyond me. 

2. Back in the day, I loved me some Felicity. Team Ben all the way! But let's be honest, doesn't everyone want a Noel in their life as well. She couldn't have gone wrong either way. I think I need to watch this series again. I miss it. 

Link up and then leave a comment telling me what your two favorite cancelled shows are? I almost hate to admit this but I really loved me some Dawson's Creek (Team Pacey!) back in the day!


Shannon Dew said...

Lipstick Jungle was soo good! I'm still trying to figure out why that went off air! The cast was great, the stories were interesting...ugh now I'm mad! I also miss the show that was on last fall about the graduating class of 2000 and where they are now...I think it only had 2 episodes but I loved it so much!

lnipaver said...

I LOVED Felicity back in college and was so sad when it was cancelled. I guess I can already add Brothers and Sisters which isn't coming back.

Tricia Loves Makeup said...

Stopping by from 2OT. I loved both of those shows. I wish Lipstick Jungle wouldn't have ended like it did.

etta said...

Happy 2 on Tuesday!

I watched Lipstick Jungle each week, too. I picked up the book at Borders and it was so different from the television series.

Cole said...

I hate when networks kill really good programs! Lipstick Jungle was so good!

Holly said...

I loved Lipstick Jungle forgot all about that one.. and their was another one on the same time on NBC or ABC about a Lawyer that worked for a rich family that had all these problems.. I can't remeber the name something to do with Money.. That was a good one too.

AndreaLeigh said...

another felicity fan! were you team joel or team ben?