Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party Planning: Mason's First Birthday

Last week I blogged about Mason's first birthday party and then planning that has started for this big event. I promised to come back this week and share a little more about the party. As you know, it is a Sesame Street theme party. Having a theme is really nice as it gives you a focus and let's you work with it or around it, as you wish.

Mason's party will have Sesame Street thrown in here and there but it will mainly be incorporating all things primary colors with a side of Sesame Street. Most of the invitations have gone out so I feel like I can finally share them. I scoured the Internet for the perfect invitation and I finally found it. Shindig Parties hooked us up with this amazing invitation.

I love printables that you are able to print from our own printer and therefore can print as many or as little as you need. We were very happy with the end result. Of course, parts have been blurred out for privacy.

Over the weekend I got together with my friend Dawn and we made party hats for the kids.

This was a fairly easy and inexpensive DIY project. I can't thank Dawn enough for helping me.

You might remember this picture from last week...

All I can say right now is that we have BIG plans for this picture! I am busting at the seams to share but alas, I won't. I can't wait until after Mason's party to share with you what we used this picture for. Any guesses?

So there you have it. You will be seeing these faces around the blog for awhile. Hopefully I don't get sick of them too soon!

When planning a party do you decide on a theme and work from there or what's your strategy? Any party tips for first birthdays? 


Nicole-Lynn said...

I just love that theme. I know everything you have planned will just fall in place and look so nice!

I love to plan parties and think the details really add such a special, personalized touch! I like to custom order a few things like on Etsy, and then I DIY a lot such as cupcake toppers or party bag tags, whatnot. I like to mix and match though, and definitely hit up the Dollar Store for the basics!

Rachel said...

Super cute theme! Can't wait to see the pictures!

We're going with more of a color-scheme for Connor's first birthday party. I've gotten most of my ideas from Etsy (LOVE) and replicated them myself! Most of his party has been DIY except for a few decorations I've ordered! We'll be celebrating on August 20th! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I just had to share this with you! Found this on a blog I follow today..