Monday, July 19, 2010

Gossip Topic

Carrie Underwood, total girl crush, got married two weeks ago at the Georgia’s Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation resort. This past Friday, People magazine came out with pictures from her wedding.

I wasn't so sure about the dress and honestly, after seeing more pictures, it's not my favorite. But you can't deny that she looks stunning (doesn't she always?) and so very happy. Although a picture is not available online, her reception dress was beautiful!

What are your thoughts on the dress? Do you have a girl crush on Carrie too?

All images via People


mommy mye said...

ohhh yes, I sooo have a girl crush on Carrie! She is just so pretty and oh so nice and she always looks good in whatever she wears. And for some reason, her hair always looks nice. Doesn't hurt that she has such a cute smile too :) About her dress, I kinda like it but you're right--she looks absolutely stunning in it :)

Joe and Avery Corbett said...

I have girl crush on Carrie too! Haha, I got the magazine the day if came out just so I could see the pics! Too funny! I have to agree I love her hair the most! I think I just wish that mine looked like that all the time!