Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parent Gifts

We knew we wanted to get our parents the standard personalize picture frame. We bought the frames from a local store and then took them to Things Remembered to be personalized with our names and wedding date. The parental units loved them. They looked much like this one.
We gave my dad monogrammed cuff links, just the ones I got B. For his dad, we gave them the same organizational unit we gifted to the groomsmen. And for the mothers, pearl earrings. After shopping around on etsy, we decided on 2 different pair. For my mom, we purchased thesefrom Goldfinch Jewelry on etsy. And for Brian's mom we purchased thesefrom ChristineW Designs on etsy. The moms loved them and both wore them to the wedding.
I highly recommend both etsy shops. Both ladies were extremely nice and I loved working with both of them.
Next up: Wedding coordinator gift and the gift we gave to everyone in the bridal party

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