Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Find your Spot

I took the Find Your Spot quiz, just for fun. According the site, here are the top 24 places for me to live:

1. Norfolk, Virginia: Heart of the Hampton Roads - This spot was the only American city completely destroyed and rebuilt in the Revolutionary War; a British cannonball in St. Paul's Church wall is a reminder… Population: 1,606,000 Average Home Price: $182,000 Precipitation: 45" Snow: 7"

2. Tulsa, Oklahoma: A Blend of the Best - This technologically important Oklahoma city hosts a low-tech Blue Grass and Chili Festival each year...Population: 388,000 Average Home Price: $135,000 Precipitation: 43" Snow: 5"

3. Greenville, South Carolina: The Rising Star of the South - The Peace Center for the Performing Arts presents theater and concerts in this South Carolina city's rejuvenated downtown…Population: 56,000 Average Home Price: $190,000 Precipitation: 51" Snow: 7"

4. Hampton, Virginia: City on the Chesapeake - The new Virginia Air and Space Center is located in this city, home of the first training facility for American astronauts…Population: 146,000 Average Home Price: $162,000 Precipitation: 45" Snow: 7"

5. Clarksville, Tennessee: The New South - This Tennessee city calls itself the "Gateway to the New South"…Population: 103,455 Average Home Price: $132,000 Precipitation: 50" Snow: 8"

6. Chattanooga, Tennessee: City of Vision - The beautiful former depot of this town's famous Choo-Choo is now a unique vacation complex…Population: 155,000 Average Home Price: $146,000 Precipitation: 54" Snow: 10"

7. Athens, Georgia: The Classic City- The world's only double-barreled cannon rests in this Georgia town; it was "a spectacular failure" in tests in 1864...Population: 103,600 Average Home Price: $169,000 Precipitation: 50" Snow: 0"

8. Gainesville, Florida: The Heart of Florida - Consistently ranked as one of America's best spots, this city is surrounding by undeveloped forests, lakes, and wetlands…Population: 98,100 Average Home Price: $183,000 Precipitation: 51" Snow: 0"

9. Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Hub of South Mississippi - This southeast Mississippi hub has been rated the #1 small city in the nation for health care…Population: 46,200 Average Home Price: $115,000 Precipitation: 58" Snow: 0"

10. Knoxville, Tennessee: Gateway to the Smoky Mountains - In the shadow of the Great Smoky and Cumberland Mountains, this spot served as Tennessee's capital from 1796 to 1812…Population: 704,400 Average Home Price: $180,000 Precipitation: 47" Snow: 11"

11. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Big City on the Plains - Located in the heart of America, visitors to this town can use water taxis to visit restaurants and shops in the famous Bricktown district…Population: 523,000 Average Home Price: $141,000 Precipitation: 32" Snow: 9"

12. Jackson, Mississippi: Old Capital of the South - This historic Mississippi city is the home of the largest planetarium in the Southeast…Population: 449,000 Average Home Price: $132,000 Precipitation: 49" Snow: 1"

13. Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi: The Sparkling Gulf Coast - This city started as a French settlement in 1699; its name means "First People"…Population: 193,800 Average Home Price: $202,000 Precipitation: 60" Snow: 0"

14. Louisville, Kentucky: Home of the Kentucky Derby - This beautiful river city was home to Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken…Population: 248,000 Average Home Price: $186,000 Precipitation: 43" Snow: 17"

15. Tallahassee, Florida: Florida’s Grand Old Capital - This city is home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, site of the most intense constant magnetic field on Earth…Population: 154,440 Average Home Price: $185,000 Precipitation: 62" Snow: 0"

16. Johnson City-Kingsport, Tennessee: Two Natural Wonders - This Tennessee city's lively annual Springfest includes a JazzNite, golf tournaments, a chili cookoff and a beach party...Population: 100,000 Average Home Price: $110,000 Precipitation: 45" Snow: 17"

17. Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The Big Apple of the South - This important city on Alabama's Black Warrior river is home to Stillman College and the University of Alabama...Population: 79,300 Average Home Price: $237,000 Precipitation: 52" Snow: 1"

18. Bryan-College Station, Texas: The Heart of Texas - Home to a major university, this spot claims to have the friendliest residents in the world…Population: 133,550 Average Home Price: $145,000 Precipitation: 33" Snow: 2"

19. Rocky Mount-Stony Creek, North Carolina: Poised for Prosperity - This North Carolina spot lies in two counties; the Seaboard Coast Line's railroad tracks mark the boundary, down the middle of Main Street…Population: 79,600 Average Home Price: $166,000 Precipitation: 46" Snow: 7"

20. Corpus Christi, Texas: Texas With a Twist - This famous playground boasts an annual average temperature of 71 degrees…Population: 274,500 Average Home Price: $185,000 Precipitation: 29" Snow: 0"

21. Charlotte, North Carolina: The Queen City - Home to First Union and Bank of America, this spot is renowned as a financial center…Population: 1,335,000 Average Home Price: $232,000 Precipitation: 43" Snow: 6"

22. Augusta, Georgia: Georgia’s Garden City - The Masters golf tournament is held in this Georgia town each year… Population: 500,000 Average Home Price: $236,000 Precipitation: 42" Snow: 0"

23. Ocala, Florida: Kingdom of the Sun - This tree-lined spot on the Silver River has been nationally recognized for its prize-winning horses…Population: 52,320 Average Home Price: $185,000 Precipitation: 50" Snow: 0"

24. Nashville, Tennessee: Music City, U.S.A.- Though best known for its music, this spot also boasts the Hermitage, home to Andrew Jackson, Americas first president from the wild "West"… Population: 545,500 Average Home Price: $169,000 Precipitation: 46" Snow: 11"

So 2 places in North Carolina, 1 in South Carolina and 5 in Tennessee... Not bad. Apparently this quiz can tell I am a true Southern gal! Test it out yourself and see what kind of results you get.


LyndsAU said...

this was fun!! i am off to take the quiz... i am for sure a southerner so i can't wait to see what it says!!

Taryn said...

I did it- it was really fun. Only one MN city- but tons in the rival state of WI. weird . . . thanks for the link!